Hi, I’m a Gambling Addict

And I’m so fucking proud of it! These last months have been a true test of my personal and spiritual beliefs. Since the end of Crypto, I have been preaching buy Vanguard index funds and fucking hold until you die (that’s what happens in the end folks). But last month, I said fuck it, move to cash. Then I started focusing on individual stocks with small market caps and a real potential to print within the next 12 months. Here are my current picks, I’ve written about some and texted about others. They are all more expensive than then used to be, because, well, I’m a fucking genius (you all know I’m an idiot), but I’ll put them all here because I think they are still winners for the next 6 – 12 months: OCFT, FSLY, SPCE, ALLO (buy this one today) and Short Uber. Besides index funds, I own NET and UCO (2x long oil). I’m bullish on CDNs, but I can’t seem to find a good enough case to make a recommendation or write an email. I probably bought and sold about 30 options over the last 3 days and I can’t really take it anymore.

I hold all of the above, except Uber. I exited that position today at a 30% gain. I was honestly targeting something like that over the next few months, but Christmas came early. SPCE is a thorn in my side. I was up 100% before the pandemic and didn’t sell, now I’m down 30%. I’m still holding. Space travel will be a thing. Rich people will take a bunch of shrooms and literally blast off into outer space and look at the earth for the world’s best physical and mental high that has ever existed. I’ll just sit here on earth owning the stock. 

If you’ve been texting me, or read my last email, I was short until a huge sell off and then switched to long. I’m only playing calls and puts expiring 6/19. As I’m writing this email, I’m trying to get out of my last long positions so I can go into the weekend like a normal human. I’m holding onto a shitty VXX Put I bought midday yesterday because I hate losing and I’m stubborn. I have no interest in guessing what happens on Monday, but if I were to guess, I’d say it will be flat. So, I’m just leaving this week up and happy.

Apologies for gloating, but if I’m going to keep writing these emails, I’m going to get some calls very wrong and I fully expect to receive the shame I deserve.

What’s next? I don’t know, I’m going to wait and see. Maybe stock picking will make sense again. Maybe indexes will make sense again. I’m just too nervous about a fall quarantine to bother putting money back into the market. It might go up and I’ll miss out, but I’ll sleep well at night. This day trading business does really take up a lot of time, and in general it doesn’t make money. Right now is just different. I might try actually programming something fun next week. I know you’ll all wait in suspense.

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